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Eléonor is the stage name of Belgian singer Elly Aerden. She was classically schooled but her fascination with folk-, world-music and jazz led her to many different places where she immersed herself in all sorts of music. You might recognise her from previous projects to which she lent her voice such as Mairan, Ludo Vandeau and Bodixel, Amorroma, The Folklove Orchestra, The Ballroom Orchestra, Moralia, Songs for Neruda, … She is also singing with the vocal-instrumental ensemble Zefiro Tonra. With her very own project Eléonor she mixes musical perfection and emotion into a refreshing Latin blend with Mediterrean and jazz influences.

Her album Erros came out in 2014. Eléonor sings songs in Latin about love and happiness in a heartwarming blend of fado, pop and jazz. Eléonor creates a wonderful sense of timelessness and eternity. Erros, Eléonor’s debut album was produced by Jo Francken and features musicians such as Karim Baggili.

Vive (Life) is the second cd of the Belgian singer Elly Aerden (2017). A large part of Vive is still dedicated to Latin poems, with the addition of a song in Spanish as well as in Portuguese (featuring Helder Moutinho). Her warm, sensitive and malleable voice weaves it all together into a very subtle and poetic style of world music.

In 2020 she launched a new project with Gerry De Mol transforming poems by J. Slauerhoff into songs. Their full album was released on 19/03/21: Ik Had Me Het Leven Anders Voorgesteld. As a spin-off to the project they released a remix of a song together with Brazilian singer Maíra Freitas: Despreocupados. This track was between the selected songs of RFI for August 2021 and was featured in official playlists on both Spotify and Deezer.

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